I Hated Veggies

Do you dislike veggies?  Do you not eat enough veggies? Do you think it is difficult to get daily recommendation of veggies in each day?  If you answered yes believe me you are not alone.  A few short years back I answered yes to all those!  I only liked my veggies if they were dipped in ranch dressing or deep-fried and I counted french fries as a veggie. Eating healthy was just not happening.


Because of my not so ideal eating choices I struggled with my weight and never really felt healthy.  I battled constant tummy issues and never seemed to have enough energy no matter how much coffee I would drink.  Then there was the insatiable sweets cravings that would never seem to go away no matter how healthy I would eat.  Most scary was my cholesterol level that I could only get to low 280 with medication.

veggie_bowl-low_resA few years back in a last-ditch effort to get healthy after my second daughter was born, I hooked up with my coach and she introduced me to Shakeology.   When I first got my packets they sat on the counter for at least a week, because I wasn’t a shake person.  I had tried slimfast years before and all it did was tear up my stomach and leave me hungry an hour later.  I didn’t do shakes.  One morning I got desperate and needed something to eat so I mixed my first Chocolate Shakeology with a banana and some peanut butter.  I was surprise how yummy it was but was still skeptical that something that tastes like a milkshake could be good for me.    It took 5 days and I was hooked, I knew I was going to be a lifer!  After just 5 days of drinking Shakeology as my mid-morning-post-workout snack I found that I had crazy amounts of energy, my chronic stomach issues were not bothersome, and most of all my sweet tooth wasn’t driving me crazy

I didn’t know at the time exactly how Shakeology was making me feel better and honestly I didn’t care. All I cared about was how amazing I felt, how HEALTHY I was starting to feel, and how could I keep drinking this forever.  I initially signed up as a coach simply so I could get the 25% discount on my Shakeology, afterall we were a single income family and I needed to find a way to make this fit into our food budget.  After becoming a coach and doing more research I learned about the Adoptogens, Phytonutrients, Superfoods, Pro & Prebiotics, and Antioxidents.  I also learned more about how it is sustainably sourced around the world and how it is blended without artificial flavors or preservatives.

benefit_related_300x250Then I started to learn that by getting my body what it was missing in my veggie deprived diet I was starting to heal my body and I was starting to change my tastebuds and cravings were dissapearing.  But the greatest changes came to my digestion and my cholesterol.  After a lifetime of stomach pains, IBS, and chronic irregularity I was experiencing pain free days and didn’t have to worry about being close to a restroom.    Then in 2016 I recieved the most amazing news when my doctor informed me my cholesterol had dropped to optimal healthy levels and medication was no longer necessary to lower/control my cholesterol!!!

I wasn’t alone either!! A clinical study found it was doing the same in many others. shake-clinical

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