My Journey

The Adventure Begins!

Hello!!  As many of you know over the past year I have lost over 100lbs and experienced a major shift in my lifestyle and that of my family.  We now eat clean, find a way to exercise nearly every day and I love helping others achieve their goals.  Additionally, I have started my education path towards receiving my certification for an Master Personal Trainer as well as a Nutritionist.  A couple of months ago I started playing with the idea of a Fitness Bucket List and I have decided I am just going to start checking them off, at least one a year and share with everyone.  I hope you can find inspiration in my journey and training experiences to go out an attack your own Fitness Bucket List.  First my list

Run 5k
Run 10k
Run half marathon
Complete a sprint triathalon
Complete a 1/2 Iron Man triathalon
Compete in a Strong Woman Competition
50 mile backpacking trip
Climb Mt Katahdin
Climb Precipice (to face my fear of heights)
Run a Tough Mudder/dirty dash
Complete a Spartan Race
This was the list I started with, I am sure I will be adding to this as time passes but this is a great starting point.  Speaking of starting points, the first item I plan on check off the list is going to be to Compete in a Strong Woman Competition! With the guidance and support of my husband as my trainer I am hoping to participate in a competition this summer.
I have one week left in my Body Beast program then I am going to spend a couple of weeks focusing on HIIT cardio to drop as much body fat as possible before I jump into my new training program for Strong Woman.  I would like to be as lean as possible before I start so I am not fighting the crazy mental games of watching the scale climb even if it will be as I gain muscle.   Today I am weighing in at 139, approx 25% BF.  I am guessing and hoping by competition time I will be weighing in around 145-148 and hopefully in the 20%BF range.
And so the adventure begins!!
vintage strong woman

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