My Journey

Day 5 Ultimate Reset Review

Day 5 has been a challenge,  not going to lie.  But not because of the reset, I actually feel amazing.  The food continues to be phenomenal. The quinoa salad was BOMB! It had been a challenge because I am visiting family and I am being faced with some wickedly awesome unhealthy food choices.

When I am at home I can much more easily controll the temptations,  I simply throw them away. I don’t think my family would appreciate me emptying their cupboards and pantries.

The second major temptation has been caffeine.  I am well aware of my weakness for coffee, and that is not easily avoided in Seattle!  You seriously cannot go 1/2 a mile without seeing a Starbucks,  drive up stand,  or now bikini barista.

The biggest challenge and test of will power will come tomorrow.  I will be baking and decorating cupcakes for my sisters baby shower.  I am a HUGE fan of cupcakes!! If you believe in prayer please pray for me!


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