My Journey

Bye-bye Baby Weight

I am FAT! I am unattractive! I am not worth this! I cannot believe I gained 50lbs! I cannot believe I ate that….! I have said all of these things to myself before my weight loss journey started. I have thought many of them recently. Life after a baby is not always bliss. Don’t get me wrong I am head over heels in love with my gorgeous new daughter Magnolia. I could spend all day just taking in every little dimple of her chubby little face.

Mommy & Magnolia

But the reality of a post baby body is a jagged pill to swallow. As a fitness & health coach this jagged pill might as well be a shard of glass.  The saggy squishy belly, the reduced muscle mass, fatigue from sleep deprivation and unending hunger from breastfeeding.  The pressure to bounce back is tough on woman, it amplified tenfold when you have others looking to you for fitness and weight loss advice and support.

7 weeks postpartum

I had to do a long look in the mirror and remember that I have done this transformation before I can and WILL do it again.  My 38 year old body will not respond the same way my 34 year old body did and I NEED to be ok with that. If I am going to be the best coach for other Mommas going through this I need to do this my way and remember that I am worth every bit of it. By showing up every day I will feel better about my body. By pressing play on my workouts every day I will find my fittest self again. By feeding my body with food rather than fueling my emotions with calories I will drop the 50lbs! Most of all I am VERY much loved by my family and friends, every part of me….even my squishy momma belly.

12 weeks postpartum. 25lbs down & 25 to go!!