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Meal Prep, and more prep, then a little more prep

This afternoon I spent about 3 more hours prepping food, chopping veggies, putting together amazing lentil and quinoa salads, cooking rice and black beans.  It was a lot of work but worth it to make the first week of the Ultimate Reset go as smoothly as possible.  Plus it was nice to see my fridge organized in nice little containers and snack baggies for at least a few hours.

I am nervous and excited to get started tomorrow!  The recipes are all very easy to follow I am more concerned about forgetting to take a supplement at the correct time.  I am setting up timers and reminders on my phone to help me stay on track.  Starting first thing in the morning we will be taking Mineralize, Optimize, Alkalinize, and Sooth.   All off these supplement are all naturally derived and function separately to help reclaim our systems and start the first phase of the reset.


What am I expecting from day 1?   A headache from lack of caffeine, a strong desire to do some intense form of cardio or weight lifting (all discouraged during the reset), and maybe some irritation from not getting my Shakeology.    Fingers crossed it is smooth and easy!


2014-05-18 16.52.32


Want more info on the reset?  Check it out HERE

My Journey

Ultimate Reset “Preset”

Today we went shopping to pick up our massively awesome grocery list filled with wonderful produce and a few pantry stocking essentials.  I must admit we did let the fridge run down to bare bones because I knew we were going to be starting the reset next week.  But we completely packed it back with veggies and fruit (cucumber, spinach, kale, romaine, peppers, corn, tomatoes, potatoes, onions, carrots, basil, parsley, cilantro, lemons, limes, blueberries, green beans), fish, chicken, tempeh and some yogurt all for under $200!!!  That’s right we completely restocked our fridge and pantry for under $200, including a few pantry essentials (rice vinegar & wakame) we needed to pick up at Whole Foods.

I have started prepping and chopping and pre-cooking as much as possible so our meals are easily thrown together next week and the following.   The meal plan and recipes are super easy to follow, I just want to remove as much of the work as possible.   On the stove as we speak is short grain brown rice (for rice & beans as well as sushi), garbanzo beans for hummus, and lentils for a super yummy sounding cold lentil salad.

I also already prepped these three amazing dressings

Creamy Garlic, Basic Vinagrette w/Basil, and Miso Sesame Ginger (my favorite!)


Next I move on to vegetable cutting!

My Journey

Pre cleanse blood work

One of the amazing things that can happen when you rid your body of toxins and pollutants that have built up over the years is you can see a drop in you blood lips,  increase in metabolism,  and your endocrine system will function better.  Today we are going to get our pre-Ultimate Reset blood work completed.
I have to admit I am a nervous as to the results,  if has been over 10 years since I have had these tests completed.  Shame on me,  especially since high cholesterol runs in my family.

Beachbody Ultimate Reset – What is it? FULL DETAIL

My Journey

My Ultimate Reset tranformations, results and reviews

Monday I am going to push the reset button on my body.  After 35 years of living in a modern world I have absorbed many pollutants and toxins from my food,  water,  plastic containers,  cosmetics,  you name it and it has left an impact on the toxicity of my body.  Starting Monday I am going to start the three week Ultimate Reset to cleanse and restore my body to its original settings.

The Ultimate Reset is a 3 phase system to Reclaim, Release and Restore the body.  Through an amazing meal plan,  that’s right this isn’t a fasting cleanse, and vitamins and minerals I am going to reset my metabolism,  my cholesterol,  and hopefully break through my weight loss plateau.

Today I prepped my grocery list and set up a plan for what I am going to do while traveling for 4 days.

I will be posting daily and sharing my experience.

Check out more about the Reset here

Lets the adventure begin!

My Journey

Two a Days

Today I am starting a plan to try to shed as much body fat as I can over the next 4wks. My last Bod Pod appt I was 26.6%, that was 3 wks ago.  I am guesstimating over the last 3wks of cutting cycle I probably dropped another 1.5%, so I am estimating I am at 25% right now.  I would ideally like to be at 20% or lower when I start my strength training for Strong Woman competition, then it won’t be such a bitter pill to swallow when my calorie intake jumps up to 2400-2600 calories on training days.  Over the next 4 wks  I am trying to diminish the loss of the lean muscle mass at the same time that I am dropping body fat, kind of a double edge sword.  My days are going to start with a weight program and be heavy carb loaded to diminish muscle breakdown as much as possible and end my days with HIIT Cardio.  I set my macros to be 40% Carb,  40% Protein, 20% over the course of a day.  Heavier carb meals will be earlier in the day to help diminish muscle breakdown and fatigue along with maintaining energy levels for afternoon cardio.  My daily goal for caloric intake is 1850, all clean!  I am also going to try to eliminate as many of the natural sugars I have a hard time letting go of, my bananas and berries.  A typical daily menu will be:

Breakfast:  eggs and oatmeal for breakfast

Strength Workout

Snack 1: a post workout smoothie (Shakeology)

Lunch: Fish and quinoa or brown rice with veggies

Snack 2: Rice cake w/Almond Butter

Cardio Workout

Dinner: Chicken Breast, Spinach salad, Broccoli or sweet potato

Snack 3: Greek Yogurt

I will likely have very little variation over the course of the next 4 wks to this menu, once I find what works and is easy I stick with it.  I will try to prep the chicken, quinoa, and brown rice so they are ready and I just have to heat up.  This has been the key to clean eating in our household.  If you spend a little time each week prepping the items that take the longest to prepare you are much more likely to avoid the over processed frozen or packaged meals.

Off to press play on Back and Bis this morning with some T25 Alpha Cardio later today.

Train hard eat clean

My Journey

The Adventure Begins!

Hello!!  As many of you know over the past year I have lost over 100lbs and experienced a major shift in my lifestyle and that of my family.  We now eat clean, find a way to exercise nearly every day and I love helping others achieve their goals.  Additionally, I have started my education path towards receiving my certification for an Master Personal Trainer as well as a Nutritionist.  A couple of months ago I started playing with the idea of a Fitness Bucket List and I have decided I am just going to start checking them off, at least one a year and share with everyone.  I hope you can find inspiration in my journey and training experiences to go out an attack your own Fitness Bucket List.  First my list

Run 5k
Run 10k
Run half marathon
Complete a sprint triathalon
Complete a 1/2 Iron Man triathalon
Compete in a Strong Woman Competition
50 mile backpacking trip
Climb Mt Katahdin
Climb Precipice (to face my fear of heights)
Run a Tough Mudder/dirty dash
Complete a Spartan Race
This was the list I started with, I am sure I will be adding to this as time passes but this is a great starting point.  Speaking of starting points, the first item I plan on check off the list is going to be to Compete in a Strong Woman Competition! With the guidance and support of my husband as my trainer I am hoping to participate in a competition this summer.
I have one week left in my Body Beast program then I am going to spend a couple of weeks focusing on HIIT cardio to drop as much body fat as possible before I jump into my new training program for Strong Woman.  I would like to be as lean as possible before I start so I am not fighting the crazy mental games of watching the scale climb even if it will be as I gain muscle.   Today I am weighing in at 139, approx 25% BF.  I am guessing and hoping by competition time I will be weighing in around 145-148 and hopefully in the 20%BF range.
And so the adventure begins!!
vintage strong woman